Isabelle Pender

The passion for the retail business for this owner began well before her arrival on the boulevard Taschereau. Isabelle Pender has always worked in customer service in various retails shops. Trained in herbal medicine and aromatherapy, she has recently completed her training in naturopathy. Competent and experienced in the two areas: business and natural health, in 2009, she bought her first store PANIER SANTÉ in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.


The purchase of her first store was a realization of a dream come true …for Isabelle and her spouse. This was a beginning of her passionate pursue for the natural heath food industries. Her desire to educate to provide the tools for a better quality of life which bring out her strength as a health advocate.


Two years later, at 50, boulevard Taschereau to Prairie the opening of her second store took place, PANIER SANTÉ La Prairie. This time, the purchase of retail business was to aim and increasing purchasing power and offer the best possible price to her customer. Isabelle’s passion to help others may spend 60 hours a week to satisfy the needs of her customer, which bring her great joy. She has recruiting over the years a team of highly resourceful, knowledgeable and experienced employees. A warm welcome form Isabelle and her team is the base of PANIER SANTÉ  St-Jean et La Prairie, it is essential for the customer to feel right at home.


You will find a range of products that meet the needs of the market: organic products, natural supplements (liquid, capsules or in the form of herbal teas), cosmetic products, gluten-free foods, sport supplements, homeopathy and much more! And to convince you of the authentic passion of this owner for her work, here's what she responds to us when we ask him why she has chosen this vocation: " When customers come back thanking us for our advice, because their health has improved, for us, a gratifying moment and a second form of salary " .


A pleasure to serve you!

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