Essential Oils

The authentic essential oils from Divine Essence are

superior quality for therapeutic, cosmetic or internal use.

Organic Foods

Teas, spices, pasta, rice, breads, fruit and vegetable juices,

dairy products , spreads, cereals, flour and packed legumes.

Foods without Gluten

Gluten-free foods and other allergen-free foods,

biscuits, flour, frozen foods, and much more!The floral elixirs were formulated to help stimulatevitality and establish emotional harmony !

Beauty Products

Range of natural beauty products to enhance

your body and facial care from head to toe!

Fleur de Bach


Homéopathic Complex from Dr. Reckeweg

L'Herbier du Midi, Phyto-Santé et Herbasanté.

Sports Supplements

Vegetable and whey protein, creatine,

 glutamine and amino acids.

Vitamins et Minerals

We carry all the name-brands such as Sisu, A. Vogel, Naturel Factors, Clef des Champs, Aor, Now, Renew Life, Progressive, Health First, New Roots and much more !

Health Food Store                   

Organic and Natural Products

At PANIER SANTÉ, you will find a range of organic and natural products in our 2 stores and to better serve you better, our team of associates are available to inform you or respond to your questions in our 2 locations.

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